Before and After

Hover over the images below to see the results of some of our landscaping jobs.

The owners of this newly constructed camp were devastated by the amount of trees that were removed for construction. The Moody team planted large native trees along with indigenous shrubs for a natural look to screen the house from the driveway.

The back of this home was a huge valley needing access and a usable outdoor space. Moody’s crew created a boulder staircase to the access the lower level then built a free flowing flagstone patio from the staircase to the lowel level of the home. The area was landscaped using native plantings giving the owners an nice sitting area right outside the door with an “in the woods” feeling.

The owner of this newly constructed home in Lake Placid was looking for a more natural access to his yard from the deck. In lieu of building a wooden staircase Moody’s crew constructed a flagstone landing from the wooden steps to connect with a boulder staircase to the flagstone patio on the lower level. Periwinkle was planted in between the boulders to soften the “boulder” look.

This Long Lake camp was built on a steep slope overlooking the lake, there was no convenient lake access nor any usable outdoor space for the homeowners. Moody’s crew was able to give them both while retaining a natural look.

Railroad tie steps are not only dated and ugly but they pose safety issues when wet and when they begin to rot. Boulder steps are not only more pleasing to the eye but last for ever.

The existing staircase while functional was not at all aesthetic. Moody’s crew built a winding boulder staircase to the gazebo on the lake through the perennial gardens on the bank.

Although the homeowner needed to retain privacy from the road the old cedar hedge was overgrown. The Moody crew planted a combination of hemlock, spruce, birch, etc. of various heights to screen the road with a more natural, freeform look.

After an extensive renovation to an older camp the existing landscaping was destroyed. In order to give the homeowner screening from the road and create a “woodsy” look around the camp, Moody’s planted a mixture of evergreens and deciduous trees of varying heights between the drive and the courtyard.

The previous owner had a staircase to the lake built using 6×6 timbers and flagstone which was not aesthetically pleasuring nor easy to navigate for the new owners. Moody’s built a boulder staircase
in a winding pattern for a more natural look. They also constructed a man made stream with small waterfall pools along side of the staircase.

This homeowner had a steep side yard with a lot of surface water running off in to their back yard. Moody’s terraced the area and installed a french drain, then planted large evergreens for screening and sodded the area to help with runoff.